Latter-day Commentary has moved

Thanks to all the faithful readers over the years, I have been encouraged into believing that a good LDS blog is worth the time and effort. Therefore, I have moved to a more robust blogging platform - WordPress - on my own domain - and intend to expand the content and the investment of time and energy. I hope you will like the new format.

Please change your bookmarks to the new blog at All new content will be posted there from now on. The feed from this blog has been transferred to the new one so subscribers should not have to make any changes. However, LDS blog aggregators may need to update their permanent links. I'll contact them individually as they send so many readers my way. Thanks for your readership!

Update May 30 2012: LDC has moved once again, but you can still reach it at the link above. A better link is simply A permanant link that should last forever is on Wordpress: And finally, I have decided to import all my essays from Wordpress back into Blogger for backup, redundancy and fault tolerance. Can you tell I'm an IT Manager? I want my stuff to be around forever.


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