Latter-day Commentary is moving

I've been thinking for a long time about moving Latter-day Commentary from Blogger to WordPress. This long weekend seems like the ideal time to make that move so I have begun the process. Although I knew there were some things I would lose, it has been a relatively painless process so far. The blog is up and running and all my essays from Blogger have been imported.

I have long hosted my professional domain on Dotster so it was no big deal to add a new domain. I bought it a while back to make sure I owned it. Since I plan on doing more with LDC than just the blog, the domain will point to a page that I intend to become the focal point for my religious studies. The new address for the LDC blog is

Thank you to loyal readers

The difficult part of a blog transition is the possibility of losing subscribers. I have over 200 readers and typically get about that many who visit my blog each day either through Google searches or referrals from the main LDS blog aggregators. I value my readers and appreciate your comments and feedback. I hope the new site will improve the content reading experience.

I especially appreciate all my fellow bloggers who have listed me on their blogrolls and sidebars and linked to my posts from your own essays. The old Blogger site will remain up and running so your links will continue to work. I look forward to creating a new and better site that features more than just the blog. Keep reading and keep coming back. The new content will be worth it.


I made that mistake before. Wordpress is way to limited and not user friendly.

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