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A Work For Zion Has Begun

Several months ago, a handful of families in the movement felt inspired to begin an effort to lay up stores against a coming time of want and need. A work group from among interested parties was formed and work was begun to consider questions related to the issue of providing for our families through coming circumstances we may face as the Lord brings His Zion.  A growing number of families have begun the necessary labor to provide for our families against a fast approaching “troubling season,” (T&C 158:12), and what may follow as the Lord moves forward His work to bring His Zion.  We invite every person and family in this movement to join in the labor for Zion now by laying up stores to provide for your family against coming seasons of want and need.  “God cannot produce Zion for, or with, people who refuse to labor. Because His promise is for the results of the labor and nothing else. As far as I know, none of us, and certainly I, cannot provide for everyone. But, I can provide f
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Restless About the Work

I received an email from a former reader of my blog who tells me she has become a current reader again and explained the reason why. She said she stopped reading my blog seven years ago when I announced my resignation from the LDS Church . She wrote she had concluded she did not want to be influenced by the writings of an apostate. She felt that whatever had caused me to leave the church must have been a false spirit and she did not want to be influenced by that spirit, even though she enjoyed my writings. Elaborating further, she wrote, “Reflecting on what made me label you an apostate, I was a product of the indoctrination so prevalent in the LDS Church today to ’ follow the brethren .’ As a convert from another nation, for twenty years I held on to this last straw of hope and belief that these men were right and that God would not let them lead me astray, even though I saw false doctrine clearly in some of the things they taught and did, things that were and still are contrary to

Dealing With Evil Spirits

One of my most popular posts is “ Excommunicated for Priestcraft ” in which I interviewed and related a small part of Mel Fish’s story and the way he was treated poorly toward the end of his life by the leadership of the church he loved. After the story was posted, he and I communicated regularly for several years before his death. He made sure I received copies of all his books, even though I had already bought many of them. He also gave me written permission in an email to quote from them in support of my efforts to make more people aware of the beauty of a major aspect of the gospel of Jesus Christ: that we can we healed from the influence of evil spirits. It seems the LDS Church has almost discounted entirely the concept that evil spirits are real, that they can and do influence us and that we have power over them through faith in Jesus Christ to send them to the light. The rest of this post is a direct quote from Mel’s autobiography, “ The Search for Light and Truth ,” published i

A Life of Love Makes Death Bearable

Most of us die alone. In other words, we usually slip into the spirit world one at a time, to be greeted by loved ones there and surely by the Savior. Some find they have entered that realm with companions, such as the hundreds who died in the explosions just outside Kabul airport. But these are exceptions, not the rule. I suppose you can quote me many other exceptions of large groups of mortals who have left their bodies within moments of each other. Some of the horrors and tragedies of war come to mind – a sinking of a ship, a large explosion, or the loss of a building or two, tumbling to the ground in a catastrophic fashion. But by and large, we enter this world alone and we leave it alone, one at a time. If this post about death bothers you, feel free to find something more uplifting to read. Right now, death is on my mind, and I keep waking in the middle of the night thinking about it. I have friends who have recently died of or are dying of complications of COVID. Writing about i

That You May Abide The Day Of His Coming

I’m an Adventist. No, not a Seventh-Day Adventist. I am a Latter-day Adventist. In other words, I believe strongly in the second advent of the Lord Jesus Christ along with all the prophesied tribulations and destructions. I am certain we will eventually experience terrible social, political, economic and physical catastrophic events that will destroy millions if not billions of people. I do not know if it will come in my lifetime, but I get these beliefs from the scriptures, both ancient and modern and have both been taught them and have taught them to others all my life. I am not alone in these beliefs. Those who accept and believe the scriptures know the day is coming that shall burn as an oven when all the wicked shall be burned up. We just don’t know when. An End to All Nations I am also one of those who believes in the complete and utter destruction of all nations, that there will be no more kings and rulers, or presidents and magistrates, or anyone to whom the people can or shoul

The Influence of a False Spirit

I pondered including some sort of reference to earth-bound spirits in the title of this post, but the words selected also work. For an earth-bound spirit is in a state of deception, either self-imposed or from general confusion, usually locked in by a deep-seated connection to some physical object or person. In this post I will share some generalities about the rapidly declining belief in the LDS community of the true nature of the spirit world around us and attempt to relate a personal experience of one such spirit who has come to me many times over the years. She is earth-bound and has been since 1858. The doctrine this post is based on can be found in this quote from the prophet Joseph: “One great evil is that men are ignorant of the nature of spirits; their power, laws, government, intelligence &c., and imagine that when there is any thing like power, revelation, or vision manifested that it must be of God … is there any intelligence communicated? are the curtains of heaven wit

In Which a Son Encourages His Dad

My son shared a very touching story with me last night. After much thought I felt to share it here on my blog, thinking and hoping it might do someone some good to read the story. To set the background, Mike and I both do the same thing for a living. I know it sounds kind of boring, but we are both certified network engineers. One of the primary goals in systems support is to help your company achieve certain company-wide certifications set by international standards organizations. These certs open opportunities for them to bid on specific jobs. In the process, the tech usually adds to his own cadre of certs. Mike and I have always been competitive in this area. Now Mike is 38 and I’m 64 but we are both at roughly the same place in our career. I’ve had more management experience, but he, by far, is a better engineer than I ever hope to be. As you can imagine we talk shop often, mainly complaining about unrealistic expectations of management and co-workers, but often about solving techn

Dreams and Visits from the Spirit World

I’ve written much about the subject of dreams and the spirit. In fact, I once made a point in a post that these visits from the spirt world would sometimes wake me up in the middle of the night almost demanding to be written. I found I was unable to get back to sleep until I recorded the dreams in my journal and asked the Lord if that was sufficient. Because I once started a post with , “The Lord woke me up in the middle of the night, …” I was mocked by another LDS blogger . I suppose I deserved it. His point was, we ought not claim inspiration or direction from the Lord in our dreams if all we’re experiencing is the natural order of things, that mortals have dreams that can seem very real. Family History Research Brought on the Dream Well, I suppose I’m much older and hopefully wiser now. I haven’t read much from this UVU anthropologist lately. Somebody woke me up this morning about 4am. The dream was vivid, real, and to me warranted recording, which I usually do privately in my jo